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The Lucinda Hickory Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded to explore the events of the allotment era. From the peculiar business transactions that left clouded deeds on land for decades to come, to the mysterious untimely deaths of our Mvskoke Ancestors that seem to surround the sale of our restricted Indian allotted land. We are a platform for Mvskoke descendants, so that they may share the personal oral history of their ancestors.

LHRI has researched the Hickory family of Indian Territory. They were full-blood Mvskoke Indians who did not read, write, or speak English. They lived and loved in their Mvskoke culture. They did not seek to live in a colonized world, yet as victims of the forced assimilation of the American Indian, they set out to survive in the ever-changing colonized world. The fight for survival began, as they were losing possession of their private allotted lands, at the hands of their guardians to real estate developers. Experiencing the mysterious, untimely deaths of family members, their children being taken from the home and sent to Indian Boarding school, and never being heard in the court system, their story is one of fortitude & tenacity… like many Mvskokvlke.

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The Lucinda Hickory Research Institute needs your help in researching, collecting, and disseminating the stories of the Mvskoke allottees of Tvlse. Donations will be used for:

  • Modest honorariums for elders and other descendants who participate in oral history interviews 
  • Equipment to record, scan, and collect archival materials 
  • Design of web and social media content
  • Researcher expenses
  • Curation of museum and traveling exhibit displays
  • Space rental for meetings and public events such as book clubs, author readings, and film screenings


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Voices of Our Mvskoke Ancestors

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