Our Vice-Chairman is defending her dissertation!



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DeAnalisa Jones MD/PHD Dissertation Defense

You can click on the Zoom link and watch her defense @ 1:00 PM Eastern Time, on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Past Events

Save the Date Saturday, January 7th @ 11:00 am

Tulsa Historical Society,

2445 S Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74114.

Indigenous Peoples 2022

Mvskoke Hymns
Choctaw Elvis!!

Voices of Our Mvskoke Ancestors

Louina L. Sunday nee Hickory

LHRI has researched the Hickory family of Indian Territory. They were full-blood Mvskoke Indians who did not read, write, or speak English. They lived and loved in their Mvskoke culture. They did not seek to live in a colonized world, yet as victims of the forced assimilation of the American Indian, they set out to survive in the ever-changing colonized world. The fight for survival began, as they were losing possession of their private allotted lands, at the hands of their guardians to real estate developers. Experiencing the mysterious, untimely deaths of family members, their children being taken from them and sent to Indian Boarding school, their story is one of fortitude & tenacity… like many Mvskokvlke.
Join The Lucinda Hickory Research Institute for our first workshop on:

“An Investigation into the Allotment Era”

We are looking for descendants whose Mvskoke ancestors owned land in the Tulsa area to share their stories for our Mobile Land Allotment Exhibit.

The Lucinda Hickory Research Institute

Voices of Our Mvskoke Ancestors



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